Our Services

We have a focus on Environmental Impact Assessment in support of planning applications for Draft Plan, Site Plan, Zone Change and occasionally Committee of Adjustment. Most municipalities provide direction in their official plans for their priorities in accordance with the Ontario Provincial Policy Statement (2014). Ontario Conservation Authorities have similar requirements with guidelines where there are concerns related to wetlands.

These types of studies evaluate how ecological features and functions may be impacted as a result of potential development and identify how anticipated impacts may be compensated for or avoided. Studies range in scale from severance or development approval for a single landowner to assisting municipalities in their secondary planning or Conservation Authorities in their watershed planning. Environmental impact studies may include detailed assessments of wetlands, woodland, wildlife habitat and other natural heritage features.

As well as land development projects requiring EIA support LEC provides services to Ontario Aggregate Resources Industry. We provide Natural Environment Technical Reports (NETR) in support of Aggregate License Applications. A component of many NETR is an Environmental Impact Statement which provides an opportunity and constraint analysis and descriptions of remedial and preventative approaches to preserve environmental features and provide general environmental protection.