LEC in the Community

Lincoln Environmental Consulting operates province-wide, though we have a strong sense of attachment to the London area as that is where we had our beginnings. LEC undertakes assessments and studies for certain types of projects, including churches, charities, affordable housing projects, homeless shelters, and youth centres in the London area at cost or pro bono, to help strengthen and build our community.

Please call company president Derek Lincoln (226-977-3441) to discuss your project.

In an effort to encourage First Nation community members to become active in the field of archaeology, LEC has established a 1,000$ annual bursary for Indigenous students pursuing post-secondary studies in archaeology or a related field. The bursary has been set up through the N’Amerind Friendship Center in London.

Recognizing the need for more women in STEM sectors, LEC has donated 10,000$ to the University of Western and established the “Lincoln Environmental Award for Women in Engineering” to be awarded to a London based Environmental and Civil Engineering student.

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