LEC Expertise

LEC is dedicated to providing a high level of service with high quality Environmental Impact Studies that obtain agency approvals for our clients. Our staff is educated and experienced in all areas of required expertise and is up to date on legislation and technical regulations for undertaking required field studies environmental analysis. The expertise that we draw upon to complete these studies includes:

  • In-depth understanding of relevant environmental policy.
  • Exclusive knowledge of the flora, fauna and ecological systems of south and central Ontario.
  • In-house assessment methods that have been refined over the life of the company.
  • Efficient research and report writing abilities.
  • Understanding of planning and development processes.
  • Experience using standard environmental monitoring protocols and creating custom protocols as required with Conservation Authorities and OMNRF.
  • Effective communication skills and good relationships with municipal and agency staff.
  • ArcGIS and AutoCAD software allow us to produce mapping products that provide comprehensive and defensible environmental impact assessment reports. We use a high accuracy GPS unit to collect data points.