Lincoln Environmental Consulting Corp. has quickly become one of the largest archaeological consulting firms in the Province. LEC has undertaken over 500 projects since 2015 for any variety of needs ranging from small scale property inspections to meet minor variance applications, to multi-million-dollar excavations to acquire draft plan approvals. Spanning geographically from Windsor to Toronto, we also maintain a presence in Eastern and Northern Ontario. LEC is the prominent archaeological consulting firm in the Greater London community.

At LEC we realize that archaeological costs, certainly beyond Stage 1-2 assessments, are not considered in pro formas or investor meetings, and therefore can significantly impact a project. LEC takes a special interest in every single project, to ensure the ultimate vision is not detracted from. We do not do research or write scientific papers; we comply with Provincial standards. We are true consultants, with the client’s best interest as our own. We appreciate the time-sensitive nature of archaeological approvals and our management staff will work with your team every step of the way to meet your deadlines.